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Nowadays more and more people decide to start a business: the desire to be free and work for themselves, to control their time and income, as well as the dreams of making good money from their businesses, are pushing many to register as a private entrepreneur. But when opening your business you need to be prepared for some difficulties and risks. The main question you need to address is where to share information about yourself and your services? In tough competition, it is not so easy to find your offline consumer. Therefore, it is best to create an online store.

Our advantages in the development of online store

  • Own free catalog and product management system. You do not need to pay a subscription fee.
  • Large portfolio of successful projects
  • Positive feedback about us from online store owners
  • Free optimization for promotion
  • Flexible pricing

A large selection of modules allows you to create the perfect store for the needs of the customer. The set of modules determines the time and cost of development.

What do you get when ordering a corporate site at WebLux:

  • Unique design
  • Adaptive design
  • CMS (Content Management System) - site management system
  • Administrative panel
  • Ability to create many categories and subcategories
  • Ability to add many products, properties, photos
  • Search by product
  • Feedback form
  • Google Maps tag
  • Domain and hosting for a year
  • Attendance statistics

Depending on your needs, you can choose the options you want

List of options

  1. Product search
  2. Sorting products
  3. Filter by parameters
  4. Manufacturers (Brands) Page
  5. Promotion banners
  6. Promotional statuses: hit, action, novelty
  7. Old (crossed out) price
  8. Private office (logging in and registration)
  9. Accessories to goods
  10. Report occurrence
  11. Wishlist
  12. Product comparison
  13. Interest Discount Label (-10%)
  14. Price withdrawal in additional currencies
  15. Product Options
  16. Percentage discount for user groups
  17. Product reviews
  18. Depositing in different currencies (multicurrency)
  19. “Call me back” function
  20. “Recently Viewed Products” Unit
  21. Block "This product is also purchased with.."
  22. Ability to set (characteristics) parameter groups for different product categories
  23. Ability to evaluate the product
  24. Methods of payment/delivery of the goods
  25. Multilingualism
  26. Integration with 1C accounting

For example, you can consider an online t-shirt wholesale Top time. Options include product search, promotional banners, promotional statuses, personal account, integration with 1C accounting, bilingualism, price levels for individual categories of users and other additional modules.

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