We are often asked how much a website promotion costs? Many factors determine the price of promoting a website.

The main ones are:


  • Requests. A selection of queries (semantic kernel) is being conducted to promote the website. This is typically done in public keyword analysis tools such as Google or Yandex. It clearly shows what frequency is (the number of requests by users of a given keyword) and what the competition is (the number of competitor websites).
  • Customer website. The website should be optimized and has a high quality. If our studio makes design for your website, you will receive both of these things. The design should be comfortable, the structure - logical and clear, the content - unique. Also, the older the domain is, the better it is to promote the website.
  • The level of competition. Competitor websites are usually also promoted. There can be 20 and 30 competitors. If they are professional, in most cases at least the same budget is required to be able to get to the front page.
  • Guarantees. Many firms offer promotions, but the specific outcome is not discussed. The main purpose is the putting of the website to the TOP in 3-4 months. If on some requests the website is not in the TOP, then there are different options. Someone returns the money, someone does not, someone promotes further on their own, someone forgets and everything stays the same, the money goes somewhere you don`t know. We provide guarantees in the cases when any request is not promoted, or we promote it further at our expense or return money for it.
  • Margin. The size of the margin in web studios is usually 100%, we have a minimum one, the price starts from $ 100.

The cost of promotion of the website in search engines is formed based on the above factors.