WebLux Studio offers a high-quality professional design of printing products at the lowest prices.

We offer the design of all printing products and identity, in particular:

  • The logo - trademark
  • Corporate style (visual identification) - a set of graphic elements that form a visual image. The set may include a business card, form, folder, font, etc.
  • Style Guide - a book that describes the rules for using the corporate style
  • Brandbook is a book with a full description of the brand. It includes brand vector, positioning, emotion, rules of audio, kinesthetic, digital, and visual identification.
  • Horizontal and vertical advertising space
  • Calendars
  • Business cards
  • Promotional materials (stickers, leaflets, cards, envelopes)

Logo design

logo designA logo is important for every company because:

  • The logo is the main external attribute. You are perceived by the name (trademark) and visual (logo, which may also be a trademark of the company)
  • The logo is a reflection of the ideology of the company, of its present and future. Believe that every business must have its style. Compare Sony and Coca-Cola logos: different businesses, and therefore - different styles, a different ideology, and different execution.
  • The logo is the most important element of corporate identity. Your logo is also your trademark that shapes the business assets of your business. You will only be able to get a UA domain if you have a registered trademark. Then, on this UA domain where your site is located, the logo can become the main thing for you to know about your site.
  • They recognize your logo means that they know about your company.
  • The logo corresponds both to the positioning of the company in the market and the type of its activity.
  • You can see all the examples of the logo developed in our portfolio.

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