The question sometimes is, why the website creation rates are so different? Well, there is a difference in the brands of the companies and the designs too, but why there are prices are so different? One can cost $10, and another $1500. And both companies are located in the same place?

For comparison, you can take 2 cars, Taurus and Mercedes. These are 2 cars and you can drive both of them. The only question is how? How long? What is the pleasure and safety of driving a car?
Now you can make a website for free, but what is the main question? Will this website be effective?


In most cases, the main purpose of the website is to sell goods or services.

The better website sells, the better it is!

That is what you should pay attention to.

Components that set the cost of creating a website:

  • Formulation of the problem. Filling the brief. Clarifying the structure of the website. These things are free of charge for us and at this stage, the client may refuse to work with us.
  • Design. The main and unique internal pages of the website. The cost of design may vary. It can be $50 if it`s ready-made or beginner-friendly design. It could be $ 500 if it`s drawn by a great designer who respects his work more than anyone else. WebLux Studio offers the best value for money, we have professional designers with reasonable prices. Prices start at $100.
  • Imposition. Translation the picture into HTML code. The layout of the unique pages of the website. Pricing is easier here. Typically, the layout of typical projects is $ 100.
  • Programming. CMS connection. Writing additional modules when needed. There are both free and paid CMS. Most advanced studios use their content management systems. Our control system is fast and easy to use. It is sold with the website and does not require periodic rental/support payments or any other payments. Also, we guarantee protection against viruses or other attacks.
  • Testing. Before launching the website, it is tested for modules, displaying in different browsers, including mobile devices. Since our system is time-tested and professional, testing does not take much time and this service is free of charge.
  • Website Hosting. Domain Registration and Hosting. During the website development, these things are given free of charge for a year. After a year according to the provider`s price, it`s usually $ 38 per year.
  • Margin. The margin in each studio is different. In most cases, it may be the main part of pricing. We have a minimum one.

At fairly low prices, the WebLux team offers the development of high quality and effective website promotion. This is confirmed by our clients` portfolios and feedback.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us