An important step in the development of a website is promotion. No matter how high-quality, properly optimized, interesting or good-looking the website is, it needs promotion!

Search Engine Promotion (SEO)

This type of promotion is basic and most effective. We pick the best search queries for your website. The main aim is to put your website on the first pages of search engines. We make an audit and internal optimization to start the promotion. In addition to high-quality work, WebLux has loyal prices and the promotion cost (depending on the region, subject, and level of competition) starts from $ 100 per month.

Contextual Advertising (Google Adwords)

Contextual advertising is an ad unit on search engines. The advantage of contextual advertising is the instant action (no need to wait 4 months), but it is usually more expensive and less effective. Performance is determined by the conversion rate. Only a small number of visitors will buy your product. We recommend this type of advertising as an extra type. It will be good for promoting some kind of event that in the future will need to promote again.

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