What is website support and what does it include?

Information support of the website

This service updates text and graphics information on the website, this is necessary to keep the information sections of the website up to date. Our experts are competent to make good news, and then will post news and articles, as well as fill the texts with new sections of the website, optimize and add images, banners, video materials, submit new product offers in the catalog of online store.
Any resource will need a change of information sooner or later, in this case, the owner of the resource will need the help of a specialist who is ready to do the job as soon as possible. By contacting our company, you will get the opportunity to solve any problems within the service of information support of your website with the help of professionals.

Website technical support

Any website is a complex mechanism, that is built using a set of different technologies. The operation of the website may be suspended or broken at any time for several reasons, but the most unpleasant thing is that the resource may be lost forever. Considering how much money and effort was spent on the creation, and later on the development of the site, stopping its work and even more so its irretrievable loss is unacceptable to the owner.

Technical support of the site means full control over the work of the resource and prompt correction of errors affects the correctness of its work. To make timely payment, monitoring of the termination of the domain name registration service and provision of hosting is performed. The function of negotiating on behalf of the client with the company providing the hosting service, to solve various technical issues related to the work of the resource also falls within the scope of technical support services of the website.

Need for technical support of the site

  • The domain name and hosting monitoring. Our company assumes responsibility for the notification of the owner on time about the end of the period of domain name registration service and hosting service. In the case when the owner forgets to continue these services, he may lose the domain name, which will immediately be bought by "cyber squatters" and set a huge amount for redemption. If the hosting service is going to stop its work, you might lose the site, as it will be physically removed from the server`s hard disk by the hosting company.
  • Backup the resource. This is one of the most effective ways to save your website and its content. As a rule, the website is copied in two stages: files are copied; the database is copied. All this is archived and kept with us. The procedure may be repeated at certain intervals. Upon request, we will provide a copy of the site to the owner, and if necessary, we will restore the copy on the server.
  • Prompt debugging. Errors and malfunctions of the site may occur for various reasons. Infection of the site with a virus, or a banal hang of a virtual server. Our company tries to provide its customers with the fastest service to solve any technical problems. We also fully take on the function of communicating with the managers of the hosting company on behalf of the website owner, to solve problems associated with the provision of hosting services that directly affect the performance of the resource.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of viruses. Experience has shown that any website can be infected by a virus. Particularly vulnerable websites are based on popular CMS. Often, website infections are preceded by a password leak from a local computer, specialized malware collects and transmits sensitive information to its owners. Infection of the website with a virus can lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences - from the complete blocking of the website to posting on it all kinds of information, also, the website can send spam and attack other websites.
  • The only service. The website and the database access are reserved by us. Most often, website owners lose this data and then make any changes to the website are not possible. It takes a lot of time and nerves to recover passwords, but sometimes it is impossible to recover the data - then the owner will lose both the domain name and the website itself. We always do backups of the website, which are available upon request. You no longer have to remember where the FTP or MYSQL passwords are stored. You will know exactly who will be able to change or reset the corporate mail password of your employee. All problems within the work of the resource are now solved in one place.