How to Create a Website? - There are many ways. Websites are known to be created for free and for tens of thousands of dollars. The question is, why there is much difference? What does it take to create a site? What knowledge do you need to develop a website? Here are some basic ways to create a site:

  1. Creating a website on platform-designers
  2. Creating a website by yourself
  3. Creating a website in a Web Studio

Let`s consider each of the options, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages.


1. Creating a website based on platform-designers

By typing in the search system the phrase "website designer" you can get a list of famous designers, both paid and free. In reality, most of them are provisionally free or paid. Creating a website with the help of a designer is close to the process of creating documents in the Word, with the ability to relink documents.

What is the benefit of providing services to websites for free? It`s only free to create a website. Domain, hosting, the monthly subscription fee for using the service in a month are not canceled. Essentially, creating a website using a constructor is a permanent site-based payment that allows you to get started quickly and, sooner or later, the owners will migrate to an independent site.

Some systems do not have a subscription fee, which instead requires advertising (banner) on your website. There are options for placing a website on the service subdomain. When it comes to promotion, these all nuances play in favor of the website, so the client has to either pay more or create a new website.

2. Creating a website by yourself

You can also create a website by yourself. Even in Word, you can save the page as a site, the output will be a website. There are more advanced programs like the front page. If you know how to use them, you can also create a website. But what website it will be? Will it give you a desirable result? For some reason, everyone involved in the creation of the website does not use services and programs, but uses languages and technologies, with the help of which you can create a high-quality website.

What languages and technologies are needed to create a modern website? To do this, you need to understand the basic steps of creating a website:

  • Design Development (Photoshop, Corel)
  • Page layout (HTML, CSS)
  • Website Programming, Database Connection (PHP, MySQL)


The brackets include the technologies that you need to possess to implement a particular stage. If you learn these technologies, you will create a website, but the question is if it worth it?
There are several free CMSs (Content Management Systems) that can theoretically get rid of Stage 3 (website programming). You can design it by yourself, but overlapping and integrating is a necessity. So just think if you need it.

3. Creating a website in a web studio

The studios that develop the website have their management systems, so the work on the website is reduced to:

  • Definition of the technical task (what the client wants and what should be on the website)
  • Design development
  • Page layout
  • CMS integration, add-on modules
  • Testing
  • Placing on the Internet
  • Website promotion - theoretically, you can do without this point, but no one needs the unpopular website

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