каталогBy its basic structure, the website catalog can be considered as a "shortened" version of the online store. Therefore, the catalog is cheaper than the store.

The scope of the website catalog is quite wide. Sales organization based on product catalog is just one of the possibilities of such a website.
On the other hand, the catalog can be not only product, but also library, music, news, etc.

If you need richer functionality for online sales (one-button purchase, shopping cart, automatic ordering, etc.), then you should order an online store.

If you have not made up your mind, read the information below.

A commercial website catalog typically presents potential products to customers for promotional or direct sales purposes.
The product menu of such a website is a "section tree". In each section products with photos, characteristics, articles and prices can be placed. The quantity of goods can be large, so the structure of the catalog should be carefully considered. The buyer chooses the goods he needs and makes an order by phone.

What do you get when ordering a site directory in WebLux:

  • Unique design
  • Adaptive design
  • CMS (Сontent Management System) is a site management system
  • Administrative panel
  • Ability to create many categories and subcategories
  • Ability to add many products, characteristics, photos
  • Search by product
  • Feedback form
  • Google Maps tag
  • Domain and hosting for a year
  • Attendance statistics

An example of a catalog website is given below. There are 4 main categories - printing, souvenirs, mobile constructions, plastic products. They have sub-categories and in these subcategories there are goods.
examle of site catalog

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