лендінг пейдж


Due to the increasing competition on the Internet, business owners are forced to use new, more effective methods of attracting customers. One of the topical ways is to create a landing page for the website - a landing page, which is an effective selling tool. The functional purpose of such a web resource implies a dynamic increase in the number of visitors, collection of user data, analysis of the success of an advertising campaign, but most importantly - an increase in the level of sales of goods or services.


Not every web studio is ready to create landing page, and even fewer experts can guarantee that the cost of such custom development will meet commercial profitability. The essence of a landing page advertising campaign is to ensure constant traffic and parallel stimulation of consumer interest. The Landing Page structure is designed to motivate a website user to perform a specific action: order a product, follow a link, sign up, fill in input fields, answer questionnaires, etc. Web studio professionals have a wide range of goals to achieve this goal. an arsenal of means. The list is limited only by the imagination of the designer and copywriter, the category of the product or service, as well as the specifics of the target audience.

Landing page of high quality

Fist of all, it has a laconic designs. The design of the "landing page" should stand out against the proposals of competitors, but its main task, nevertheless, to motivate the user, not to impress him. The large number of bright elements and very contrasting annoying background distract from the functionality. The filling form should be intuitive, the images should be clear and the text filling - well read.
Content should be extremely informative, harmoniously fit into the general conceptual concept, and most importantly - clearly convey to the consumer the benefits of a specific marketing position. If the main advantage of the website is a price, then Landing Page should show it from the first seconds.
There should be clear structure and answers to any questions that a potential client may have.

We have all the resources and tools at our disposal to guarantee our clients the performance of such a difficult job. A whole team of analysts, designers, programmers, layout engineers and copywriters are working on the creation of the landing page, developing a premium product, and we can order such a page at a reasonable price. Our extensive experience and a wide range of promotional tools will help drive traffic and drive sales of products or services.

What do you get when ordering a landing in WebLux:

  • Unique design
  • Adaptive design
  • Feedback form
  • Google Maps tag
  • Domain and hosting for a year
  • Attendance statistics
  • In the extended form - CMS (filling control system)

Below is an example of a landing page. More precisely, landing is just the homepage, and the functionality inside the online store.



Landing page example

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